10 facts you probably did not know about office equipment

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Ten Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Office Equipment

1.Who invented the first printer?

While the inkjet printer was invented in 1976, it took until 1988, the release date of Hewlett-Packard’s DeskJet, for it to become available for use in the home Source

2. Who invented the photocopier?

Chester Carlson, the inventor of photocopying source

3. What is another name for 3d printing?

3d printing is also known as stereolithography source

4. Thomas Jefferson invented the office chair while Charles Darwin invented the rolling office chair

5. The first cubicle workspace was marketed as the name “Action Office II”. source

6. Did you know that there are office cubicles especially designed for standing office works desk now? source

7. Different designs of paper clips have their own names?

The very first one was called “The Philadelphia”. Other designs were named “The Niagara,” “The Eureka,” “Banjo Paper Clip,” and “Octo Clip”.

8. The very first Sticky Notes were used as placeholder in a choir hymnal? A scientist named Spencer Silver invented sticky notes by accident when he created an extra weak adhesive while he was trying to make an extra strong one. However, this invention was not used until three years later when Arthur Fry, a colleague of Silver’s, used small pieces of paper to mark his place in the choir hymnal but they keep falling out of the book. So he tried using Silver’s weak adhesive on his scraps of paper and it worked! It held well to the material it was posted on, but was not strong enough to damage that material. source

9.The early versions of the computer mouse were named after the turtle until the “tail” of wire at the end resulted in the name we call it today. Source

10.Most stacked office chairs was 11. This is a Guinness Book World Record achieved by Luo Jun from the Zun Yi Acrobatic Group 9CHinesource

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