Is your photocopier everything it needs to be? Just because your copier hasn’t broken down doesn’t mean it couldn’t use some maintenance. When your business relies on your copier, don’t ignore the warning signs. Knowing what to look for will go a long way to keeping the entire workflow of your company moving along smoothly, from Vancouver to Surrey. Here are 5 signs it is time for some photocopier servicing.

#1. Service indicator lights up

Your copier could be telling you more than you care to notice. If the copier’s service indicator pops up on the LCD screen, you will need to reach out for some photocopier servicing fast. While you might be tempted to handle the copier problem yourself, you could wind up making the situation worse, costing more headaches, hassles, and money down the road.

#2. Poor quality copies and prints

Sometimes the quality of your prints can be a clear sign of copier problems. If you have noticed double images, streaks, or missing areas on prints, your copier is going to need some professional servicing. Blank pages are also red flags that might require the attention of a reliable photocopier repair specialist.

#3. Copier needs more and more toner

Replacing the toner more than usual? Copiers need toner—but if your machine is making short work of it, you will need to contact a service provider. Remember, the toner has got to be going somewhere. And if it is not being used to print copies, the toner could be making a major mess and some serious problems somewhere in your photocopier.

#4. Major wait times

Every copier needs some time to warm up—a minute or two at the most. But when your photocopier is taking its sweet time to boot up, it could be an indication of an underlying issue. If you are waiting more than five minutes before your copier starts working, you will need to put in a service call to get your machine back up to speed.  

#5. Faulty features

Today’s photocopiers come with sophisticated software or firmware that controls all the functions of your machine. So, if your copier’s features aren’t operating normally (or at all, for that matter), you might need a firmware or software update. Still having photocopier issues? Get in touch with a service technician to troubleshoot the problem.

Copier issues happen. And when they do, you will want reliable photocopier servicing that only the pros can provide.

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