Document Management

Document Management is a term that you will hear with increasing frequency in today’s office environment and it may mean different things to different organizations. At the heart of the discussion is the identification of the key documents that facilitate the on-going operation of your business and whether there is a more effective and/or cost-effective way to stream-line that process.

Allow Columbia Business Systems to help; our professional account managers will assist you in identifying how those documents can to converted for archival and then easily retrieved when required once again. We can help with the creation or improvement to your organization’s document workflow and ensure that all necessary measures are taken to keep the information accessible, yet secure from unintended eyes.

Columbia Business Systems offers software solutions to facilitate:

  • Document scanning and conversion to editable or searchable text
  • Workflows to automate processes that otherwise require multiple steps and/or wasted labour
  • Comprehensive cost recovery to capture revenues
  • Managed print services to help gain control of printing habits that contribute to waste
  • Tracking & reporting of copying, printing, scanning and faxing traffic to better optimize your equipment fleet

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