HP secure printers are ready to take on your workplace needs. Whether your workplace is at the office, or your home, printing documents securely is one less thing to worry about with an HP Enterprise printer helping you get the job done.  

Some of the top HP security features our customers love:

  1. HP Sure Start – this checks the operating code
  2. Whitelisting – a checklist for authentic firmware that has been digitally signed by HP
  3. Run-Time intrusion detection – monitors memory activity 
  4. HP Connection Inspector – inspects network connections to keep your documents secure 

If security is important to your business, contact Columbia Business Systems today! Our team can uncover critical gaps that may exist in your printing environment, and find the perfect HP secure printer to address these risks.  Security is important to us, so let us find the perfect HP solution for you.

hp secure printing - image shows lock icons around an office printer with a hand using an ID card to secure print job
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