Kyocera’s global operations deliver a diverse range of products including fine ceramic components (i.e. sapphire wafers for LED and LCD production), semiconductor components (i.e. fibre optics), applied ceramic products (i.e. solar power equipment & cutting tools), electronic devices (automobile LCDs & amorphous silicon drums for photocopiers), telecommunications equipment (i.e. wireless smart-phones) and office equipment products (multi-functional photocopiers & network printers).

With such a technologically diverse asset base, Kyocera is well-positioned as a major player in the future of global economics.  Kyocera derives approx 22% of its annual $14.1 Billion (2014) revenues from its office equipment products division.

ECOSYS, the foundation for both Kyocera’s printers and multifunctional products (MFPs), is a Kyocera technology initiative that equally combines environmentally-friendly and highly economical measures by incorporating a durable imaging system capable of handling hundreds of thousands of prints in its lifetime. Moreover, the separate, permanent drum greatly reduces waste, while also cutting the cost of consumables. These products have Kyocera’s original long-life technology and have been designed with consideration for the global environment by bringing environmental and economical efficiency to the document world.

Columbia Business Systems is Kyocera Canada’s longest serving Authorized Dealer (since 1982) and covers the sales and servicing of Kyocera products and solutions in Greater Vancouver and the Fraser Valley.

Kyocera products Columbia Business Systems offers:

As Kyocera Canada’s Authorized Dealer, Columbia Business Systems offers:

  • Complete Service & Support for Kyocera copiers, printers and MFPs in the Greater Vancouver and Fraser Valley area.
  • Our Technical team is Kyocera Canada-trained & certified with a thorough knowledge-base on all Kyocera’s business technology products.
  • Professional sales on new Kyocera photocopiers, multifunctional systems and printers.
  • Professional sales on refurbished Kyocera photocopiers, multifunctional systems and printers.
  • Attentive service on all the Kyocera photocopiers, multifunctional systems and printers offered through Kyocera’s Office Equipment Products division.
  • Attentive service and support on Kyocera photocopiers, multifunctional systems and printers that clients may already have at their office.

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